Air Quality in the wood shop

No matter how clean you keep your shop, there will be air quality issues. Maybe the air quality in the shop is great, but the air going in your home isn’t so great. This is the case for many reasons. For example, many woodworking shops are located near areas with poor air quality. Another reason […]

Hand Held Power Tool Safety

Good work habits result in high level of power tool safety. They also mean better productivity and fewer injuries at the workplace. It is important for a company to establish good work practices for its power tools, especially those used in workshops. The use of power tools, and those who use them, should follow basic […]

Quality of Work

If you are someone who is doing well in your job and has people around you who are always being complimented, you can always pay attention to quality of work. How many times have you said “Thank you” or “I love what I’m doing”? And then it would fade into oblivion. The same goes for […]

Table Saw Best Practice

There are many things that you can do to keep your table saw very safe for use. These include regular cleaning practices as well as checking it for problems. While it’s important to make sure your table saw is in good working order, there are also several other aspects to consider as far as maintenance […]

Woodworking Bandsaw safe practices

While it may seem unlikely, the act of using a safety saw in your workshop could actually be considered safe practise for ensuring that you create the most efficient cuts possible. This type of machine has many uses and can make many tasks much easier to carry out, but it can be extremely dangerous if […]

Woodworking Jointer Safety

The following woodshop safety guidelines will keep you from injury while working on your woodworking projects. These simple woodshop safety precautions include wearing appropriate safety gear, maintaining the shop floor clean, keeping your fingers and hands safe at all time. Following these safety guidelines is not only good practice; it will keep you out of […]