1] How do I get started in woodworking ?

  • by studying the characteristics of the individual tools
  • by studying the steps involved in several different type projects

2] What tools should I buy ?

  • the table saw is the central tool.  almost all functions revolve around it
  • you will need a few clamps 
  • a power sander is good
  • just the three items above will get you a long way 

3] How do I keep safe ?

  • by going over the safe procedure of each individual machine before you begin
  • by mentally rehearsing every step of a project , so the plan has a plan , if you will

4] How long will it take to acquire enough skill ?

  • It takes several months to feel comfortable with tools.
  • be patient and hang in there, skill will develop at its own rate 

5] Is there a market for woodworking projects ?

  • it is massive
  • now you have eBay and Etsy and others at your disposal
  • not to mention Google Business Pages, where you can list yourself as a shop for no cost

6] How  much does a well equipped wood shop cost ?

  • a good shop with all the basics will cost about five to seven thousand dollars
  • as above , if you get a table saw , 400ish, a few clamps and a sander, you will have a shop for six or seven hundred dollars

7] In what order should I buy machinery ?

  • table saw
  • portable circular saw 
  • clamps , including bar type
  • sander 
  • cross cut sled 
  • vac
  • router table or shaper 
  • jointer 
  • planer 
  • then there is a very long list of machines.  each one is determined by the type of work you do.  most shops are oriented towards certain products , and the machines that have specific functions are chosen accordingly

8] Which tools are best ?

  • for the most part, the old line of well established woodworking machinery manufacturers are very good.  
  • there is a huge gap between light duty machinery and industrial duty machines.  get the heaviest machine you can afford. the heavier , the more stable and will provide distinctly better results 

9] How long do tools last ?

  • many years with reasonable care
  • in reality woodworking tools are incredibly economical , because the market worth of your work is vast compared to the cost of the equipment

10] Is it ok to buy used tools  ?

  • hand held power tools that are old , are probably worn out.  most of the time, it will not be worth it.  you will end up having to get a new tool
  • large stationary woodworking machinery lasts for decades.  usually it is a good buy. however , once they are several decades old it is unlikely you will find parts.  replacing parts on machinery is something that happens frequently